“By Faith & Grace”…You’ll find it moving, thought provoking, even heartbreaking, yet powerfully uplifting all at the same time.  We feel strongly that a lot of people (men especially) will be impacted positively by this music.  I hope that it encourages YOU to “take stock” of your life and reevaluate your relationship with your Family, and your daily walk with our Lord and Savior.  In addition, here are some other songs that I’ve recorded with friends and family.  Hope you enjoy them.  Greg Tucker

01 By Faith & Grace

02 The Tree House

03 Adventure Man

04 Just Messin’ Around

05 Dancing With A Memory

06 New Attitude

07 I’ll Fly Away

08 In The Garden

09 I’m Still Holding On – Ralph Smith

10 By Faith & Grace Instrumental

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit this site.

Sincerely, Greg Tucker